NeuroInDx, Inc.  (NDX) was founded in 2006 with ultimate goal to develop new instrumentation and technologies for cell specific biomedical research. The company’s primary focus is in the development of instrumentation for single cell isolation and complex tissue microdissection for a range of downstream applications including genomics and single cell analysis.

There is a high demand for a method permitting simple and rapid collection of individual cells from cell cultures and tissue sections. Applications are numerous ranging from simple enrichment for transfected cells to cell and region specific –omics studies.  Based on its patented cell and tissue acquisition technology (CTAS) NeuroInDx developed a product line of versatile instruments (KuiqpicK™, UnipicK™ and UnipicK+™) which are compatible with a wide range of inverted microscopes.

Rapid collection of single or multiple cells can be performed from virtually any cell culture and various tissues for diverse downstream applications including gene expression profiling and NGS. UnipicK’s and UnipicK+’s versatility, cost effectiveness, streamlined operation, and minimal impact on cell viability, make it the cell collection system of choice.